Timber Rattlers Sneak By the Silverhawks

Game two of the doubleheader was eerily similar to the first game. The Timber Rattlers were ahead by two after the second inning. A home run by Chris Dennis and Cutter Dykstra scoring put them up 2-0. The Hawks scored one in the 4th when Matt Davidson hit a sac fly to score game one hero David Nick. The Hawks should have had more though with runners on second and third with nobody out. Bobby Borchering never made it past second that inning. They did score again in the fifth to tie the game up. A leadoff double by Matt Helm followed by an error by the pitcher plated the run with no outs. Tyson Van Winkle was standing on third with nobody out, and the Hawks could not get him in. Bradin Hagens came in for the Silverhawks in the ninth and gave up a leadoff hit. He then retired the next two batters before giving up back to back doubles that put Wisconsin up 4-2 with three outs left. The Hawks managed one run in the bottom of the seventh before bowing out.

As I said before there were two players that I wanted to see play. The second of those was Joey Paciorek. Joey is the son of former big leaguer Jim Paciorek. His uncle is former Sox player and announcer Tom Paciorek. I always liked Wimpy, and it was cool to see a Paciorek on the field. Judging by his statistics Joey may not be on the fast track to the majors though. He did get into game two though at third base moving Cutter Dykstra to the designated hitter position for the game. I started looking into kids on these teams who were related to guys that I grew up watching based on the Romine Report a now apparently defunct feature on the site Bus Leagues Baseball. It is kind of neat to see these guys play, but on the other hand it makes you feel a little bit old.

Even though the Hawks lost the second game it was still a good time. How can you argue when each game cost fifty cents to attend, and the hot dogs and pop were $1. Both games were close with the teams going back and forth. One of the pictures that I really liked while looking through them all is the one above. It looks as though Silverhawks catcher Tyson Van Winkle is really conscious of his bad breath. The pitcher Diogenes Rosario has no problem though with his underarm odor. On second though maybe Van Winkle is trying to talk, but can’t because of the odor. Only those two know for sure.

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