Congrats to the Hawk!

Growing up around Chicago in the 80’s it was hard not to appreciate what Andre Dawson was doing on the North Side. He really played the game the right way. He played through pain, and also helped make the Cubs respectable again. Before the announcement was made this winter I had a blast reading Hawk to the Hall a website that everyday had more reasons for Andre to be inducted.  The Hawk may have had borderline numbers, but his work ethic and what he brought to the game should have made up for that. He should have already been in the Hall, but I bet he has forgotten all about that as today unfolded.

I was able to meet the Hawk in 2005 when he appeared in Fort Wayne. I had him autograph a ball and a picture knowing that someday he may enter the Hall. I also liked him as a kid so it was cool to meet him. He had been out of baseball for sometime, but he still looked like he could play the game.

He had a good speech on a day filled with them. Who could have seen the Doug Harvey speech coming? He gave a terrific speech on tape, and then followed it up with his “I made the rain stop” line.

In White Sox news: The White Sox are still looking for a left handed bat and/or a DH. Joe Cowley has a good article today with Ozzie once again defending his decision to let Thome go. You can find it here.


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