Doc is Just What the Cubs Ordered

I normally am much more timely when updating the blog, but this has been a long week already and it is only Wednesday. Sunday night I was in Chicago to see the Sunday night baseball game between the Cubs and the Phillies. I went to the game with a friend, some of his family. Those family members were from Kansas, and made the trip to Chicago just to see a couple of games at Wrigley. It just goes to show you what a draw Wrigley really is, and sometimes how we take it for granted. It was ten years ago that I took my camera to Wrigley for a Cubs game against the Phillies. I got lucky and took a couple of pictures, and that started my need to take pictures whenever I go places. I guess filling up my memory card at the game was a good way to celebrate that anniversary.

Once again as I was waiting to leave it started raining. How many games in a row involve rain? By the time I walked out my door to leave it was raining like crazy. Because of the rain I left my mitt at home. During batting practice I had my hands on two balls. One was hit by an unknown (Baker?) member of the Cubs. I reached down to get it, and it smashed my hand against the bleachers. The second one was a line drive off the bat of Jason Werth that I tried to catch like a football for some reason. Without a glove I had no shot and it nearly took my thumb off. The moral of the story is to take your mitt to the game.

Once the game started it was all Cubs. They scored fasdt and furious. Geovany Soto hit a two run homer in the second to open the scoring. That was just the beginning though. Derrek Lee hit a bases loaded double that really opened things up in the seventh. Until then the Phillies were still within striking distance. The Cubs scored eleven runs including Alfonso Soriano hitting a ball directly over our heads for a home run. I didn’t have a great opinion of Soriano before the game started, but after watching him interact with the fans I gained a whole new perspective on him. He really tried to get every kid he could a ball. When an overzealous adult tried to snag a ball intended for a kid he would make sure the kid got the ball. Now if he could just pay attention during the game it would be a different story.

The Phillies did end up scoring six runs, but it was too little too late. Ryan Howard hit a home run in the ninth when the game was out of reach. It was one of three home runs the Phillies hit on the night. The ball about to fly off of his bat is shown above. I wanted to see Howard put on a show in batting practice, but he was working on beating the shift. I guess he made up for it with his homer.

At the end of the day I had to hear the “Go Cubs Go” song yet again this season. Maybe next time I will get lucky. I don’t know though. The Cubs are playing better, and could end up at the top of a weak division if they play like they are capable. That has been hard to do so far this season for the Cubs. The all Chicago World Series has a couple more weeks of being a possibility. If the team does not win soon they will be sellers.


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