Playing Like a Bunch of Wookies

Last night was Star Wars night in Gary. I had just gotten back from a long trip, but I had to see what kind of people this attracted. As I walked in I saw that the line to meet the man who wore the Chewbacca suit, Peter Mayhew, was not very long so I got in the line. I handed him a ball because I collect them, and he acted like it was a bomb. He is a very tall man, but it looks like his size is starting to catch up to him. He had a lot of trouble getting around. I even resisted the urge to tell him to ‘punch it Chewy’ when he took too long to sign the ball.

The other interesting part of the night was the group that provided most of the entertainment. They are the 501st legion. Apparently this is a group that goes around the country dressed like Star Wars characters. I love the movies, and have since I was a kid. I would never even think about this though. I guess most people would not go to as many baseball games as I do so we are even. They are dedicated though because I was boiling in a t-shirt and shorts. I can only imagine how hot it was in those costumes. In the picture above you can see Darth Vader hanging out with Boba Fett. Darth looks a little big so maybe he was looking for the hot dog stand.

On to the game. The Railcats had the game in hand, but three late errors led to their doom. They dropped the game 8-5 after coming back to tie it at five. Former Boilermaker Mike Coles helped the Fargo team drop the Railcats. He helped them capitalize on the mistakes that the Railcats were making. Maybe Darth Vader had something to do with the sloppy play. The force was definitely not with the Railcats last night. The only time that the crowd got into it was in the crazy fifth when the RedHawks scored four in the top of the inning thanks to two errors. In the bottom of the inning Christian Guerrero hit a two run bomb off of the scoreboard, and Mike Rohde hit a clutch RBI single with two outs to tie the game up. I left in the sixth because of impending rain, and the fact that I was exhausted. On my way home the Railcats gave the game away. Tonight I will be in Chicago to see the Sox take on the Angels. Pauleywood here I come.

2 thoughts on “Playing Like a Bunch of Wookies

  1. Much more impressive than the last Star Wars night I went to hosted by one of New Jersey’s independent league teams. They dressed the guy who normally played the secondary mascot in a Darth Vader Halloween costume and handed out a Revenge of the Sith promo card from Topps.

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