Dempster and Colvin Stop White Sox Winning Streak

The Cubs beat the White Sox yesterday behind solid pitching from Ryan Dempster and a great day by rookie Tyler Colvin. Dempster gave up two runs in the first, but settled in to only give up one more in his next six innings. What may be more impressive is the fact that he threw 122 pitches. In this day of pitch counts I was surprised to see him come out in the seventh. The Cubs needed him though with their bullpen depleted so he manned up, and kept his team in the lead. Tyler Colvin is the reason that he had the lead though. He hit a three run homer in the 3rd that put the Cubs ahead for good. It did not get out by much, but all home runs look the same in the box score. He also singled in a run in the 8th after a Soriano dinger that gave the Cubs all the cushion they would need. The kid looks like he could be the real deal. In limited playing time he is second on the team in home runs, and if they give him any kind of playing time the rest of the season he will be leading the team.

The Sox did have some highlights on the day. In the first the Sox scored two thanks to a two out single by Carlos Quentin. That hit is shown above. Pauly also hit his 20th home run of the season in the sixth to bring the Sox to within three at the time. With that homer he joins Frank Thomas as the only two Sox players to hit at least 20 home runs in 11 straight seasons. Hopefully he will be around to break that record next season. The White Sox went into the ninth inning needing five runs to tie. Most Sox fans had already left the stadium, but I bet they were kicking themselves as they listened to the comeback on the radio. They got three of those runs back and had the winning run at the plate in Alex Rios, but could not complete the comeback. Another positive is the fact that I got to see Dayan Viciedo for the first time yesterday. In his only plate appearance he grounded out to fellow rookie Starlin Castro. He played the field in the bottom of the 8th before being pinch hit for in the 9th.

This was my 50th game at the ballpark that has become ‘the Cell.’ I would have liked to leave the park after watching a White Sox winner, but it was still cool to be around the circus that is the Crosstown Classic. I could not see the fight, but apparently they had a good one right above me in the right field portion of the horseshoe. For two innings security was trying to gain control. Beers and other debris was raining down on some unlucky fans just below them. I am getting close to seeing over 100 Major League games, and it is no surprise that well over half of them have been in the White Sox park. I was lucky enough to see three games in the old park, and now fifty in the new one. My next game at the Cell will be on July 10th when I take part in a bus trip to see are old buddy’s Chris Getz, Scott Podsednik, and the rest of the Kansas City Royals.

I am actually shocked that they played this game at all. It rained as hard as I have seen it on the way to the stadium. While I was going through Gary I had to slow down to under 20 MPH in order to see out my windshield. It rained almost the entire time that I waited to get into the stadium, and then for some reason cleared up. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the shade, or I would have probably gotten heat stroke. The last five games I have gone to have had rain somewhere in them. Luckily only one was delayed, but it is getting old. Here is to perfect weather on the 10th.


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