White Sox Beat the Rain and the Cubs

Sometimes a negative can turn into a positive. Earlier in the week I found out my tickets for the Sox game against the Cubs on Sunday fell through. The late start along with the cost led to the demise. Then the next day I found out that I could go on Saturday for free. How cool was that. As I walked up the ramp to our seats I realized just how cool they really were. We were in section 34 row 5. Pretty much on top of the area where the White Sox were warming up. The picture above is of Alexei Ramirez who was the first person we saw as we got to our seats. I yelled hello to him and he yelled back. How cool is that? He then went on to playing with the ball. Above he is rolling it up his arm and onto his shoulder. He appeared to be having a lot of fun.

The game started off well. The Sox took a 1-0 lead in the first inning on a Paul Konerko single. With the way Mark Buehrle had been pitching lately they would need a lot more than that. Pauly singled in another run in the seventh for the only two runs in the game for the Sox. That run was set up by a great slide by Juan Pierre on a stolen base to get him into scoring position.  The picture above shows Starlin Castro and Pierre awaiting the call of second base umpire Kerwin Danley. Pierre was safe, and scored on Pauly’s single for the eventual winning run. On a day with the wind blowing in you take any run you can get. A.J. got his usual boos on the north side, and added to his lore when he was hit by a pitch in the 1st inning. He pointed at Silva, and then tried to act as if nothing was wrong. He called out for the trainer to look at his arm and laughed the whole time. Ozzie eventually came out and broke things up laughing at A.J. while he was doing it. The crowed was into the game a few times, but it wasn’t the usual buzz for the Crosstown Classic. Maybe the poor showing so far this season by both teams had something to do with that.

Looking at the match up between the pitchers you would have to have put money on the Cubs going into the game. Carlos Silva was 8-0 and looking unhittable. Mark Buehrle was struggling lately. His ERA was high and he only had three wins. I saw the first two to start the season, and from there it was downhill for Mark. He was brilliant though in the game. He pitched 6 2/3 innings giving up no runs and striking out seven. Usually when Mark strikes out that many he has a bad outing, but this was the exception. He struck out two straight batters in the first on 79 MPH pitches. Those were not bottom of the order guys either. They were Derrek Lee and Marlon Byrd. From then on I was watching his pitch speed and he kept getting guys with that 79 MPH pitch. Carlos Silva pitched well too. He only gave up two runs in seven innings. He just did not get the run support to get the win. The White Sox have always had luck with Silva, and yesterday was no different.

The story of the end of the game was the rain. It really picked up towards the end, and may have almost helped determine the outcome of the game. Bobby Jenks was having some trouble in the ninth getting the ball over the plate. As you can see in the picture above of Matt Thornton it was coming down pretty good. You can also see the seagulls over his shoulder that were swirling in the outfield. It has to be hard to pick up a white ball coming at you with hundreds of white birds flying around. Bobby got the save only giving up one run for the White Sox winner.

I will have more pictures posted later when I get some more time. I had great seats so the pictures kind of took themselves.


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