White Sox Win One For the Hawk…Not Really

For the purposes of my sanity I will think of last nights game as one that was called for rain after the conclusion of the sixth inning. It is to depressing to think of Matt Thornton coming in and giving up five runs. It pains me to think of Matty getting pulled from the game in order for Scott Linebrink to serve up the second half of back to back jacks. So here is my recap of last night’s game from a positive viewpoint.

The entire way to the game last night I drove through a downpour. It let up a little when I got to the gate, but continued to rain hard up until about 35 minutes before the first pitch was to be delivered. I never thought that they would get the game in. I went to pick up my ticket and my free t-shirt with the top ten Hawk Harrelson sayings. The rain did clear though in time to have the pre game ceremony for the inventor of the batting glove. A picture of Hawk addressing the crowd can be seen at the top of the post. Even as they were doing all the pre game activities I kept thinking that they should just start the game early so that we could get something in anyway. The rain stayed away though…unfortunately.

Gavin Floyd had a great outing. He only gave up one run in six innings while striking out six. Multiple White Sox players got on base some even multiple times. Mark Kotsay lived up to his title of designated hitter by hitting a two run shot into the wind that gave the Sox a 2-0 lead. Mark is shown above making contact with the ball. The funny thing about the picture is that I had no intention of taking a picture of Mark. He had a sweet looking swing though so I grabbed my camera to see if he would do it again. He hit a home run, and I was pleased that I got the swing and the follow through on film. The Sox finished the sixth inning up 2-1 with the ace so far of the bullpen Matt Thornton coming into the game.

This is where the rains should have started. The game was official, and the Sox had the lead. I could have even gotten home at a decent hour. For some reason though the rain held off just long enough for madness to occur. Thornton looked great striking out the first batter of the 7th. The next batter hit a ball to Quentin in right who fell down while fielding the ball allowing both runners to move up. To compound matters Gordon Beckham threw the ball away trying to get Ryan Rayburn at second. This allowed one runner to score, and left the lead run at third with only one out. After an intentional walk Brennan Boesch smacked a three run dinger to center. Thornton was done for the night. Scott Linebrink came into the game and surrendered a home run right away to Carlos Guillen. Things went from bad to worse very quickly.

That ended the scoring for the night, but may have signaled the end for the White Sox. Kenny Williams was quoted today as saying that things are going to start happening to shake up the team. This may mean the end for some of our favorite players on the south side.

Tomorrow night I will be in Gary to see the Railcats play a one game homestand against the Rockford RiverHawks. I have really been having a blast so far this season watching the Railcats play. AFter the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup they announced that the parade will be Friday at 10:30. After the fun I had at the Sox parade I would love to be at the Hawks parade, but work will probably trump that. If at all possible though I will be somewhere along the route on Michigan Avenue on Friday.


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