Railcats Storm to the Win

Today I was bored so I decided to head to Gary to see the Railcats again. They had a Blackhawks day where if you had on a piece of Blackhawks clothing you got a discount on your ticket. They tried to do the anthem like the Hawks do, but did not quite have it going. For one 2,400 people can’t make that much noise outside, and the other is that none of them wanted any part of it.

The first inning and a half of the game was full of excitement and runners left on base. Then a 28 minute rain delay slowed things down a bit. Luckily I had already seen the clouds rolling in, and moved under the concourse in one of the two rows that stayed dry. After some rain delay theater we were back in action. Out of the gate the Railcats scored all three of their runs in the third inning taking advantage of a rusty pitcher. Mike Massaro, Christian Guerrero, and Tanner Townsend all had RBI’s in the game. Guerrero scored the final run of the game on a balk call.

The Railcats only needed those three runs though because of another great pitching performance. With a few exceptions they have an excellent pitching staff. Starter Brandon Magee struck out eight in 5 2/3 innings today. The relief core came in and pitched 3 1/3 innings of one hit ball to seal the deal. That is really the strength of the Railcats is the relievers. They can really be a shut down crew. Former Notre Dame pitcher Tom Thornton pitched a perfect inning striking out two. The Railcats struck out 13 batters today on the way to a 3-0 shutout.

The game would be stopped two more times to try and make the infield playable with a heavy rain coming down. By the later innings I was just hanging out under the scoreboard to stay dry in the outfield. When the rain was not coming down it was a beautiful sunny day. There was by far more sun than clouds, but the clouds had some bite to them.

I pulled in my 11th ball of the season in the 7th inning when Cody Strait (pictured above) smoked a ball that went just foul in left field. If it had stayed fair it would have been a home run. Thankfully he was a little early on his swing. That makes three Northern League balls on the season. This was my fifth ball this year that was actually snagged during a game. It is amazing how quickly things have turned around.


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