Ken Griffey Jr. Retires

I just saw on the MLB Network that Ken Griffey Jr. has hung up his cleats for good. He does it 75 years to the date since Babe Ruth announced his retirement, and on the same date that he was drafted #1 overall in 1987. I was lucky enough to see him play a couple of times, but he will always be one of the best players that I saw while growing up. Griffey has been off his usual pace so far this season, but he is still a future Hall of Famer and deserves better than this. He has not been playing lately so this is probably a good decision for him. He finishes his career with 630 home runs. I was looking forward to seeing him in July when the Mariners come to the Cell, but that will not be now. I hope he does well in whatever he does, and look forward to his speech in Cooperstown in 5 1/2 years.

I think time will show just how good he was. We may sit back much like we do Mantle and talk about what he could have done if not for injuries. He was the best you will ever see before he hit 30. After 30 he could never seem to get it going without injuries stepping in and killing his momentum. I am sure that he will enter the Hall wearing a Mariners cap, but the White Sox will be on his cap. He was part of that great 2008 playoff run, and much more.

This has now been confirmed on MLB Trade Rumors as well.


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