Hawks Complete Comeback With Walkoff

Last night I was at the Cove once again to see the South Bend Silverhawks take on the Peoria Chiefs. When the Chiefs are in town you see fans that are normally Silverhawk fans rooting for the opponent. Both teams scored in the first. The Chiefs did it the hard way while the Silverhawks used a home run by Chris Owings to score the run. Owings ball almost left the stadium completely in left center. It was hit well, and off the bat you knew that the game was tied. The only reason the Hawks had the lead to start the eighth inning was because of the arm of right fielder Alberto Diaz. He gunned down two runners on the night with his cannon. The first of those is shown above from the first inning. Diaz had the ball at third so far ahead of the runner that third baseman Bobby Borchering had to wait on the tag. That was a huge out that saved at least one run in the first. After an eighth inning that saw all the luck seemingly run out for the Hawks the game looked to be over. Their lead was lost, and they were down a run in the ninth when the ninth place hitter Andrew Fie hit a home run to tie the game up, and send it into extra innings. It was Fie’s first home run of the season, and an unlikely way to come back. In the tenth after a leadoff triple Alberto Diaz finished putting his mark on the game with a single to end it. It was yet another exciting night at the Cove.

Many Cub fans were at the game to see the possible future of their team. The double play combination of Hak-Ju Lee and Logan Watkins are two of the higher rated prospects in the organization. Lee was on base three of his six times at bat, and had two RBI’s. Watkins was 2-4 with two walks, and a run scored. It will be interesting to see where these guys end up when it is all said and done. How long until I go to Wrigley and see them out there.

For the first time on the blog I am going to have a caption contest. In the comments section let me know what you think the caption should be for this picture. The winner will be announced in a future post. Let’s see what you have.

I had a great time at the game with my friend Rob and his family. I am convinced that they psyched out the Chiefs with their pleas for a ball. It was about when this started that they started to show some signs of weakness. They were so persistent that I am surprised that they didn’t get a ball just for appeasement. I had a blast, and hope that we can do it again soon. As opposed to most of the games that Rob and I used to go to no there are no incidents to report. That is a step in the right direction.


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