Okay, Where is the Real Carlos Silva…and Who is This Guy?

Today Carlos Silva pitched another great game for the Cubs to go 7-0 on the season. Who would have thought this was possible when he was swapped for Milton Bradley in the off season. Silva struck out 11 in seven innings of work for the win. He only gave up two hits (both of which were to Matt Holliday). I keep waiting for the real Carlos Silva to show up, but maybe he has found something and this is the real Carlos Silva. The bullpen came in and kept the Cardinals in check for the next two innings to preserve the shutout. Sean Marshall had a rocky 1/3 of an inning, but another Carlos, Carlos Zambrano, came in to bail him out. Jeff Stevens pitched well in the ninth to close out the game. The Cubs broke the game open in the fourth thanks to the second triple in the game by Mike Fontenot. His triple scored both Alfonso Soriano and Marlon Byrd. Fontenot then scored on a single by Starlin Castro to cap the scoring in the fourth. Byrd scored once again in the sixth inning. I have really gotten to like Marlon Byrd in his short time in Chicago. When you look at the guy he looks nothing like a center fielder. He is short and stocky, but when you see him play you know that he is the real deal. He made another great diving catch today on a line drive that I don’t think a lot of players would have gotten to.

As with any Cubs game against the Cardinals fights will break out. I saw two of them today, and so did Alfonso Soriano. Late in the game a fight broke out down the left field line. While play was on Soriano was watching the fight. Pitches were being thrown, and he never looked towards home. It is this attitude that makes people wonder about him. He could be one of the greats, but he just doesn’t seem to care in the field.

I was at the game as part of a bachelor party. It was a great chance to catch up with old friends even if I had to sit through a Cubs game to do it. We had a blast in the bleachers. Looking around us we quickly saw that we were not the only ones celebrating an upcoming wedding. I guess it is the season.

Before the game today I sat outside the stadium with the ball hawks to see what that was like. Two balls came out while I was there and off of one of the buildings. I never saw either one of them even though they basically went right over my head. I kept getting too distracted. I decided to go inside before I got hurt. During batting practice Albert put a few out onto Waveland about where I was standing. I could have caught one of them, or been hit in the face. He did put one a couple rows in front of me, but it was too crowded to get to it. This was my 25th game in Wrigley Field, and the fifth game I have seen between the Cubs and Cardinals.

Elsewhere in the sports world the Blackhawks won game one of the Stanley Cup Finals 6-5 in a wild game. They now are only three games away from winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. Let’s go Hawks! Roy Halladay threw a perfect game in Philly today as well. Why couldn’t I have seen a perfect game today? It was the first time that two perfect games have been thrown in the same season since 1880. Kendry Morales also got hurt while celebrating a walk off. I wonder how many teams will put the nix on the walk off stomp that has become popular. It may be going the way of the old fashioned tarp sliding during a rain delay.


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