Simon Says No To Gary

Today I had the day off so I decided to attend the Gary Railcats morning game at the Steel Yard. It was an 11:00 start, and local schools from all around were in attendance. I usually work so I can never attend these types of games. I decided to take advantage of a rare summer (it was as hot as summer) day off and take the short drive to Gary. One word of caution though. If you want to make it around the stadium or watch the game in peace this is not the kind of day for you. The concourse was the meeting place, and even the Gary police were having a tough time keeping it opened.

When the lineups were announced pre game I heard the name Randall Simon. My first thought was that it couldn’t be the sausage basher. A quick look on my phone confirmed that indeed it was the same one. I was sitting on the Riverhawks side of the field, and waited to see Randall warm up before the game. I quickly found out that Randall doesn’t warm up with the rest of his team. Randall did come out when it was his turn to hit (he was the DH). In his first at bat he hit a long fly to right that scored the first run of the game. He gave the crowd something else to cheer about when he crushed a pitch onto the lawn in right his next at bat. I think that he gets his role on the team. He just sets back and wails on any pitch he thinks that he can hit.

Simon was a factor early in the game, but the game was really decided by Jono Brooks the 8th place hitter for Rockford. He hit a three run homer that capped a four run 6th inning. The two out blast was all offense that they would need on the day. Gary scratched across a run in the 8th to close the gap to two, but Rockford matched that run in the top of the ninth. For some reason I can root for Gary when I attend the games, but I don’t have a lot invested at this point. I have only been to a handful of Railcat games though so maybe that will come with time. I have tomorrow off as well so I may make it back to back days at the Steel Yard. If you have nothing to do tomorrow make the trip out to the Yard to watch some good baseball.


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