Famous Lineage: Brian Bannister

This is the second post in the famous lineage series. The first was on Valparaiso pitcher/outfielder Kyle Gaedele and his link to Eddie Gaedel. One thing that I like when I go to a sporting event is to trace players back to their famous relatives. It is even cooler when I saw their relative play. This is especially true in the case of Brian Bannister. His father Floyd pitched for the White Sox and Royals among other team. Floyd pitched the first three White Sox games that I attended. The first two as a member of the White Sox, and the third as a member of the Kansas City Royals. Floyd was a overall #1 pick in the MLB draft in 1976 a year before future teammate Harold Baines would take that honor. He would not come onto my radar unto he signed a free agent contract with the White Sox in 1983. He would help that team to the Western Division title in 1983, and give them solid starts through 1987. In 1988 he signed with the Royals and pitched well again. He hurt his arm in 1989, and was never the same pitcher again.

His son has followed in his father’s footsteps getting to the Major Leagues. He went to the same high school as Paul Konerko in Arizona, and was a good enough player that he was given a scholarship by USC. He was part of a great pitching staff at USC. Two of his former mates pitched in the big leagues (Mark Prior and Anthony Reyes). He has been up and down for the Royals never really living up to his promise. The thing I love the most about Brian is his interest in photography. He is the founder of Loft 19 Studios in Arizona which promotes photography in his state. His father Floyd manages the business while the season is in progress. He is an accomplished and published photographer himself along with being a Major League Baseball player. He really does have it all going for him. Hopefully he does not find this post and see the picture I took of him. I doubt that it would live up to his standards.


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