The Streaking White Sox!

Today the White Sox won the game I was at to make it two wins in a row! I know it is a winning streak. This is the third time this season the White Sox have put together at least two wins in a row. We are on a roll now. Actually there were many positives in the game today. Gordon Beckham was on base two of his three times at bat today scoring two runs. Alex Rios drove in three runs, two of those on a home run in the fifth. They even answered the Marlins in the 8th by scoring a run. That is not even the amazing part. Pauly scored from second base on a double. That was the amazing part. Maybe that in itself was a sign that the season is turning around.

Gavin Floyd pitched a solid 6 1/3 innings today only giving up one run. He got into a little trouble early, but settled down to pitch like we know that he can. This pitching staff is too good for the Sox to continue losing. I am convinced that Floyd will pitch a no-no at some point. He has too good of stuff for it not to all come together for him. I just hope I pick that game to go to.

Sadly my personal streak of three straight games with a ball was snapped today. My normal hot spot was ice cold. Maybe I will have to move around a bit next time. Like the Sox though I plan to rebound next game.


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