One Streak Ends, Another Continues

Last night I was at the White Sox game against the Angels. I was 4-0 on the season when I attend Sox games, and 6-0 when attending Chicago major league games. That streak ended though as the Sox lost 6-5. They were down 6-1 at one point, but had a furious two out rally in the 8th to get the game to withing a run. Gordon Beckham knocked in three runs on the night, and A.J. knocked in two. He should have had three RBI’s, but his ball into the left field corner in the 8th barely bounced over the wall for a ground rule double. If that ball stays in the park Juan Pierre scores easy. Before that inning people were leaving as things looked bleak. I had seen the great comeback the Braves made earlier in the day, and I would have been upset with myself if I left and missed something like that. I stayed to see the game through.The difference in the game (besides wall height) last night was a two run shot by Juan Rivera in the 6th. That put the Angels up 6-0, and sealed the game. Jake Peavy looked alternately good and bad on the night. He would look lights out on a batter, then horrible to the next one. When he gets it all working together he will be fun to watch. At least the club came around in the 8th and showed some life. The crowd got into the game, and that made it a little easier to take as I left the park. I just want to get excited when I go to the park. I have been to games where we were blown out form the beginning, and that is no fun.

A streak that is still going is my streak of getting a ball in three straight games now. I was being horribly shut out during batting practice with only the scrub line left to hit. I pretty much had written off getting a ball. Then Michael Ryan hit one to my right that hit off of a fan talking to one of the Angels players. I picked the ball off the ground, and offered it to the guy that was hit. He already had a ball so he said to keep it. Then as soon as I got back to my spot Ryan was back in the box and hit one to my left. I got to it just as it landed safely in a seat. I grabbed it for ball #2 on the day. I was talking to a mother and her son during the drought so I went to offer him the second ball. He already had one thrown up to him so I got to keep ball #2. In his next round Ryan hit one right at me on a line. I just had to lean a little forward over a seat to catch the ball in the air. The crowd in right field cheered, but that was right at me. If I would have dropped it I would have been in trouble. Three balls in one night! I had four in my hands on Monday, but gave two away. Combine those with the ball at the Cove on Wednesday, and that makes for a good week. Six balls that I took home, and eight that I had in my hands. Who would have thought I could get this lucky in one week. I will be at the game against the Marlins tomorrow so we will see if the streak continues.

One thing I failed at was one of the reasons that I was excited about the game. Trevor Bell is a reliever for the Angels. He has only had a cup of coffee in the bigs, but I wanted to see him. Why do you ask? His grandfather is Bob Bell who was Bozo the Clown for many years in Chicago. I thought that it would be a great feature for my famous lineage posts. I got so caught up in trying to get a ball that I spaced it off. I was even more upset when after BP was over I was talking to the guy who got hit by the ball, and he said that he was talking to his cousin who was Trevor. So basically he was right in front of me the entire time, and I was so engrossed in getting a ball that I did not get one picture of him. I may have to go to a game in the next series against the Angels to meet him. On the bright side his cousin was great to talk to. He gave me some insight into Trevor’s career, and a reason to add him to the minor league player tracker when that gets going again.


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