Beautiful Day, Tough Game

I am way behind on this blog. I have been to two sporting events that I have written absolutely nothing about. The first of those was Wednesday night when I went to Coveleski Stadium to watch the Silverhawks take on the Fort Wayne TinCaps. This is only the second year that the TinCaps have existed (they previously were the Wizards), but I have seen them play five times already. Whenever I head to South Bend it always seems to be Fort Wayne or Lansing that is in town.

Before the game I looked up a the Tincaps to see if they had any prospects of note. One name that kept coming up was Everett Williams. Looking at his average his first time at bat I wondered why. He was batting third though so the coaching staff must think something of him. In the second inning he smoked a two run double that ended up being the difference in the game. The Silverhawks could only muster one run, and the final score ended up being 3-1 in favor of the TinCaps.

As I was watching Matt Davidson bat with two outs in the ninth I was at the top of the concourse ready to leave. He hit a foul ball that made it out of the stadium. On a lark I decided to walk out and see if I could find it. An usher was already out there, and said that it was gone. I told him he might be in the wrong spot, but he said he saw it. I helped in look, and then we both gave up. As I was leaving I decided to walk over to where I thought the ball went. Sure enough there it was sitting by the curb. I picked it up for another souvenir on the season! After spending years going to games and coming up empty I now had five balls on the season. Two of them were foul balls even. Things were starting to turn around. This is another great reason why Minor League Baseball is so much fun.


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