Walk It Off

My trip to Wrigley on Monday was very eventful. I bought tickets on eBay that gave me early entrance into the bleachers. That short period of time allowed me to get a couple baseballs off the bat. The first ball came from Jeff Baker who was talking with some of his former teammates. He fielded a ball, and all I said was ‘hey Jeff.’ He turned and threw a ball to me. I told him thanks, and he seemed surprised to hear it. Justin Berg quickly threw up a second ball that I caught on the jump. As I came down I realized that a pregnant woman was standing behind me, and I may have taken it from her. I gave her the ball even though it was hard for me to do it. I grabbed a third ball out of the basket, but a group of kids gave me the sad eyes so I gave that one away. What is going on? I go from never getting any balls to three in about twenty minutes! Jason Giambi stepped up to the plate so I moved from along the ivy to about mid bleacher. He smoked a line drive right to me. I did not have to move, and I snagged it in my mitt. Four balls in one night! For me that is amazing.

The game was good, but it was cold enough that for once I just wanted it to be over with. Of course it went into extras. Isn’t that how it always works. Both teams seemed to be struggling to put anything together. The big highlight for me during the game was Starlin Castro the wonderkid getting his first stolen base. He got on base to lead off the 11th to set up the drama. Aramis Ramirez came to bat with two outs in the inning and sent a drive into the left field bleachers to send us home. It was a great game, but I just wish the weather would have been more like May instead of March.

I can now check off one more item off my to do list for the season. I have now seen all thirty teams in action. I also was able to see a future Hall of Famer, Todd Helton, in action. He did not disappoint. He went 2-3 with two walks on the night showing his knack for getting on base. The picture above shows him helping warm up Aaron Cook before the game. The catcher is former White Sox backstop Miguel Olivo. It was great seeing the Rockies, but they could have left their weather back in Colorado.


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