The White Sox Should Pay Me to Attend Games

After last night the White Sox had twelve wins on the season. I have attended three of those in person. I think that the fact that they are four games under .500 and I am 3-0 speaks for itself. The White Sox need to give me season tickets. That way I can make sure that they get at least 81 wins. All the Sox would then need to do is to win a few on the road to make the playoffs. Then of course I travel with the team during the playoffs and we win World Series after World Series. Then again maybe I have nothing to do with wins when I attend games. It sure feels good when you attend a win though.

Last night I got to the game early, and only had to wait a few minutes to get into the park. I always walk in the right field corner to catch some batting practice. As I walked into the stadium I heard a clink, and walked over and picked up a baseball. The night before I got one while sitting behind the plate so this made it two nights in a row that I came home with a souvenir. The rest of batting practice was bad though since Rick Ankiel seemed to be the only player that could hit one out of the park. As I left batting practice I noticed a small crowd in centerfield. The Comcast crew was filming the pre game show so I stopped to watch for a while. The boys really seemed to have fun out there, and it was fun to watch the pre game show. Big Frank certainly looks like he could still be out there knocking the ball around. It will be cool to see him get his jersey retired in August. I left the boys to get a slice of Connie’s Pizza and went over to my $20 StubHub seats in row 8 of section 119 to watch the game.

The game started with a bang. Andruw Jones hit a shot that left the park in a hurry to put the Sox up 2-0 in the first. They kept it going to end the first inning up 4-0. They really seemed to be clicking on offense last night. It may be no surprise that it started at the top of the lineup. When Pierre gets on Beckham seems to hit better, and that gives the rest of the lineup more chances to drive in some runs.

Part of the reason that I went to the game was to see Brian Bannister pitch for the Royals. Twenty five years ago I attended my first baseball game, and his dad Floyd was the pitcher. In fact Floyd pitched the first three Sox games that I saw over a four year span. The first two were with the White Sox, and in 1988 I saw him beat the Sox while pitching for the Royals. Brian got knocked around a bit, and only pitched three innings, but I could check one more thing off my to do list this summer. I will have more on that list in a couple of days.

On Cinco de Mayo with about half the stadium full Sweaty Freddy Garcia pitched a good game. He did give up ten hits, but he did not walk a batter. In fact the entire White Sox staff did not walk a batter the entire game. Freddy gave up two runs, and pitched seven strong innings. That is what we need from him. Linebrink, Putz, and Jenks all came in and only allowed two hits in three innings to seal the game for the Sox. It was nice to see Linebrink have a solid outing. That is something to build on. Jenks also seemed to be in control.

My next Sox game will probably be sometime this weekend. I would like to get a game in against the Blue Jays.


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