Return of the Junkie!

Once again the Sports Junkie has taken the winter off. I have had lots of things going on, some of which you may see pop up on here in the near future. Today I was talking to a friend who suggested that maybe it was a good time to get back into the blogosphere. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do on here. You would have thought that since 2006 I would have done that. I tend to get off topic at times, and that really makes it tough to post on the blog all the time. For now I will be back to posting on the sports that I love. White Sox baseball will of course be the focal point this summer. I am sure that I will take a few trips to various ballparks, and I will chronicle those. Since my last post in December I still watch sporting events as if I will be writing about them on here. That has been ingrained in me. Now I will finally get back to posting my thoughts on here. Over the next few weeks I will probably slowly catch up on a few of the highlights of the last five months that I have not been on here. I have had a blast. For now though I think we will just take things as they come.

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