Free Basketball! What Can Top That?

This weekend while I was in town for the Grand Valley State game against Carson-Newman we decided to check out the Lakers men’s and women’s teams. We only paid $11 dollars a piece for the football tickets so we decided that the $7 to get into both basketball games was in the budget. I decided to pick up my football tickets at the will call window before going into the basketball game. At the window they told me that I could get into both games free with my football ticket. How great is that? Maybe I am spoiled because of the great atmosphere that I have seen in Mackey this season, but I really was not that impressed with the turnout. The student section had maybe fifty people in it. The women’s game was a blowout when I walked in, but it quickly became a close one. The Lakers pulled away in the end though to win 81-68. Five Lakers scored in double digits. The only reason that the game seemed to get close was the foul desparity. For a small school these girls can light it up. They shot 65% on the night. Not too shabby.

The men on the other hand had an easy time taking down Ashland. They shot 61% themselves in the route. They took an 18 point lead into the halftime break, and never really looked back. Toreau Brown scored a career high 22 points to lead his team, but this was another balanced attack. They won 72-48 to make the Lakers 2-0 on the day. Leaving the arena to go to the football stadium we learned that the girls soccer team had just won the National Championship. Of course we already know that the football team won to make it a perfect 4-0 on the day. It was a decent day to be on campus for sure. As you can see in this picture the men did not have much of a crowd either. Maybe they are just too used to winning to show up for a conference game. On the other hand there was a huge football game that day so you would have had to miss tailgaiting to come. I would rather have stayed warm and watched basketball for sure. Watching these two games does help me appreciate what I see at Purdue though. We do have some great fans.


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