College Basektball Game of the Week: #4 Boilermakers v. Valparaiso

This week I have picked the Valpo game at Mackey as my game of the week. It is big for a couple of reasons. The first is how close I live to Valpo. I could literally be at their arena in 25 minutes. I have seen a few games there, and who can forget Bryce Drew hitting that shot in the NCAA’s a few years back? This game is also big because it is the home team of Robbie Hummel. Next year we will travel to Valpo, and I will try hard to get a seat in that small arena. Last year Valpo came into Purdue and kept it close for the first half. The Boilers only led by two at that point. Purdue held them in the second half though and cruised to a 59-45 win. This year I don’t think that it will be that close. Purdue is just too powerful. Although they came into that contest last year ranked tenth, and really were not that dominant. Chris Kramer was out for that game though. Barring something tragic tomorrow we will be at full strength on Wednesday. With a little luck we will have a higher ranking than #4 by the time we play next week. It will be interesting to see if we finally get some respect.

Predictions: Should this segment even continue? Last week I had a bad week. I made my predictions last week with the women sporting a decent 5-3 record, and the men 9-1. I went 4-1 on my normal women’s predictions last week. Then I missed the Big Ten/ACC Challenge altogether going 5-6. That brings my season total to 14-10 on the women’s side. The men’s side was similar. I went 3-2 on my normal picks, and then tanked the Challenge. I went 4-7 with those picks. This week I will try and right some wrongs. With things getting back to normal it should be an easy week. The Big Ten teams should be playing easier opponents this week. I am also going to be at Grand Valley State this weekend to see the football game. We are leaving early to see both the men’s and women’s teams play. So naturally those games will be included on here. Here are my picks on the men’s side:

#4 Purdue over Buffalo
#4 Purdue over Valpo
Grand Valley State over Ashland
Northern Iowa over Iowa
Pitt over Indiana
Michigan over Utah

This week the Big Ten women start play early on Sunday. I will pick all of those Sunday games. Here are my women’s picks for the week:

Grand Valley State over Ashland
Northwestern over Purdue
#3 Ohio State over Wisconsin
#21 Michigan State over Indiana
Minnesota over Penn State
Iowa over Michigan
#6 Notre Dame over IPFW

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