College Basketball Game of the Week and Weekly Preview

This week the game of the week is easily the Big Ten/ACC Challenge game between the #6 Purdue Boilermakers and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. I have been watching Wake Forest on television for years, and the chance to see them in person is exciting. What makes it even more exciting is the fact that Purdue has been playing well. The Big Ten has never won the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. This year could be the year if we win a couple of close games. The way I see it though we will walk away second place yet again. There will be some buzz on campus come Tuesday. I really can’t wait. Before that game though Dan LeFevour leads the Central Michigan Chippewas into Mackey Arena. What?…he doesn’t play basketball? He seems to do everything else. In that case with no LeFevour on the court I think that Purdue should roll Central Michigan. This will be a good tuneup for this team heading into Tuesday’s showdown. I am sure that the crowd will let the team know how it appreciated the effort in the Virgin Islands when they come out onto the court tomorrow.

Last week we all know how well the Boiler men played in the Paradise Jam Tournament. That game against the Vols was one to remember. Chris Kramer sliding across the floor to knock the ball out of the Volunteers hands has to be the play of the year so far. Even if the media refuses to acknowledge it. The Purdue women did not do so well playing three games in three days. They played well Friday night in the second half, and even gave Dayton a game Saturday. Sunday though they were clearly tired and not in the game. They will have trouble with quick turnarounds.

Predictions: Last week I went 4-3 on the women’s side to bring this season’s tally to 5-3. I did not expect the Purdue collapse, and it showed in my record. I have decided that picking scores a week ahead of time is crazy. I will just pick the winners from here on out. I have picked a lot of games this week. This will be a make or break week for my record. Here are the women’s games that I am picking this week:

#6 Notre Dame over #17 Oklahoma
Wisconsin over Oregon
#6 Notre Dame over Eastern Michigan
Purdue over UC Riverside
Purdue over Pepperdine

I had my picks for the week, but then I decided to try the women’s version of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. I really think that Purdue has a shot, and it kills me not to pick them. If they do win I will be upset with myself. I also had trouble picking the Illinois – Wake Forest game. I have the Big Ten winning the Challenge 8-3. I am just too biased towards the Big Ten I guess. Here is how I think that will end up:

#18 Virginia over Purdue
#3 Ohio State over #12 Duke
#4 North Carolina over #25 Michigan State
Penn State over Georgia Tech
Illinois over Wake Forest
Iowa over Boston College
#9 Florida State over Indiana
Minnesota over Maryland
Wisconsin over NC State
Michigan over Virginia Tech
Northwestern over Clemson
Big Ten 8 – ACC 3

On the men’s side I did a little better. I went 4-1 to bring me to 9-1 on the season. Here are most of the games that I am picking for the next week:

Notre Dame over Northwestern
#2 Michigan State over Florida
Notre Dame over Idaho State
Iowa State over St. Louis
#6 Purdue over Central Michigan

Here is how I see the Big Ten/ACC Challenge playing out:

Virginia over Penn State
#6 Purdue over Wake Forest
#22 Maryland over Indiana
NC State over Northwestern
#2 Michigan State over #12 North Carolina
Virginia Tech over Iowa
#19 Clemson over #21 Illiniois
#16 Minnesota over Miami
#15 Michigan over Boston College
#7 Duke over Wisky
#18 Ohio State over Florida State
ACC 6 – Big Ten 5

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