Paradise Jam Final: #6 Purdue v. #9 Tennessee (Second Half)

Tonight the Boilers won the Paradise Jam by a single point 73-72. It was a hard fought game that neither team deserved to lose. Thankfully though the Boilermakers won. As the game was winding down the highlight had to be Matt Painter and Bruce Pearl exchanging words. Pearl kept on ranting and raving at the officials and anyone else who would listen to him. Fox Sports Net must have put a mic closer to him because he was much more audible as the game was ending. E’Twaun Moore was as great in the second half as he was in the first. He won the tournament MVP, and his 22 points were huge tonight. JaJuan Johnson was in foul trouble all game long, and eventually fouled out. Wayne Chism was a beast for the Vols scoring 24 points. Kelsey Barlow had only two points, but he had five rebounds, four assists, and only two turnovers. His two missed free throws at the end could have spelled the end for Purdue. The Vols missed a wild three though, and Barlow picked up the rebound to seal the victory. He is growing as a player right in front of our eyes. Hummel had another solid night as usual for the Boilers. He missed a key free throw with 32 seconds left that would have given Purdue a four point lead. He quickly sank the second to give them a three point lead though. His 20 points and eight rebounds were key for Purdue tonight. This was a great game, and should give the team some momentum. This will help the team as much as the loss last year to Oklahoma may have hurt them. It gives them the confidence that they can play with anyone.

Next up for the Boilers are the Chippewas from Central Michigan early Saturday morning. Hopefully we can see the team that stepped it up tonight.


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