Paradise Jam Final: #6 Purdue v. #9 Tennessee (First Half)

The first half of tonights game was dominated by the referees. The start of the game was very frantic with both teams playing a little rough. Two minutes into the game Purdue was ahead 1-0. The Vols then went on a 7-0 run in the next minute to get an early lead. By the first TV timeout Purdue had tied the game at seven. The Boilers took the lead on a great ally oop pass from Barlow to Johnson. On the other end of the floor Johnson picked up his 2nd foul and had to sit down. Bade picked up three quick fouls to get Johnson back on the floor. At that point of the half it seemed as if Purdue was getting jobbed on the fouls. They were getting hammered on one end, and getting called for cheap fouls on the other. The refs started to even things up after this.

The cameras picked on interesting exchange during the half. Kelsey Barlow picked up his second foul on a reach in call and started arguing with the referee. Painter told the young kid something to the effect of ‘you have only four college games under your belt.’ At the next chance he was pulled from the game. Painter really lets these kids know that they are not bigger than the game. Hummel had five points in about ten seconds of game time. He hit two free throws to tie the game, and then hit a quick three after Keaton Grant stole the inbounds pass. He was cold in the first half, but played well all around. He finished the half with 11 points. With 3:30 left in the half Barlow then commits his third foul. He has played well when in the game, but has been very aggressive so far. Moore made a nice spinning layup at the end of the half to give Purdue the lead. With Johnson out and Hummel struggling a bit Moore picked up the slack for the Boilers in this first half. At the break the score is 42-41 Purdue. Moore has 15 points at the half. When he wants to he can take a game over. Wayne Chism has to be the player of the first half for the Vols. He scored 14 points, and drew a lot of fouls on Purdue’s big men. This game will be decided by the benches. With all of the fouls being called I think a lot of players will be sitting in the second half. This has been a great game so far. I hope that the second half will be as exciting.

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