The Third Game Was Not a Charm

Tonight the Boilers showed how badly the lack of depth off the bench will hurt them in the final game of the BTI Classic. They never really looked like they were in the game, and lost to Georgetown 55-39. They only managed 14 points in the second half. That is the lowest amount of points scored in a half since the loss to UConn in 2008, and the lowest in the second half since the Minnesota game in 2005. The team only shot just over 31% for the game. Do I have to go further to show just how bad this loss was? Yesterday I felt horrible leaving the arena after a close loss. Today I at least had lots of time to get over it. Even when the lead was only ten for Georgetown with then minutes left most people knew that it was over since we had only scored 31 points to that point. This was a hard game to watch, but there were some positives. Heck all of us in attendance saw Purdue set a record today. Even if it was for the fewest points scored in a half. A record is a record. The next home game is December 19th against Evansville.

Of the 39 points that we did manage to score Samantha Woods scored 16 of those. She played really well today. She also grabbed seven rebounds to round out her game. Brittany Rayburn scored six quick points, then went the rest of the game only scoring two points. I think that most teams now see her as the main threat, and will double and sometimes triple team her. We need the other players to step up and score. If Jodie and FahKara can pick up the slack the defense will have to peel off of Brittany. If her team cannot help her it will be a long season. That being said this team has lots of potential. We will get Alex Guyton back before the Big Ten season starts. If we can find our way by then we can still make a dent in the conference. For now we have to play the available players and get them the time they need to grow. This is the core of a great team.

After the game was over Senior Associate Athletics Director Roger Blalock handed out the tournament awards. Brittany Rayburn claimed a spot on the all-tournament team. The other players on that list include: Sugar Rodgers, Jaleesa Butler from Georgetown and Dayton’s Justine Raterman and Brittany Wilson. Kriten Daughtery was named the MVP of the BTI Classic. It was a somber ceremony with most of the fans already gone from the arena. Here is how the teams placed in the tourney:

  1. Dayton (3-0)

  2. Georgetown (2-1)

  3. Purdue (1-2)

  4. Seattle (0-3)


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