Sorry Charlie (The Obligitory Charlie Weis Must Be Fired Post)

Yesterday Charlie Weis lost to UConn on Senior day. He was very emotional before the game. Supposedly it was because he was losing seniors. I think that Charlie knew that it could be his last game in Notre Dame Stadium as well. He came to Notre Dame with all kinds of expectations behind him. I think that it would have been hard for him to live up to those expectations. He just had to show improvement. He had his 3-9 season, but he rebounded well last year. This year his team had high expectations after a great bowl game to end last season. Things have not gone his way, and he has now lost his last three games. He has also lost two of three from Navy after the team winning 43 in a row. I grew up watching Notre Dame Football. It is amazing how far this program has fallen. Charlie now has a worse winning percentage then the two coaches before him. With a game at Stanford next weekend Charlie could very well end the season 0-4 to end his fifth season 6-6. I don’t think that the people who wanted his head this off season will stop until he is gone. Here are the records of the last three coaches at Notre Dame:

Bob Davie 35-25 (.583)
Tyrone Willingham 21-15 (.583)
Charlie Weis 35-26 (.574)

As you can see Charlie is working his way down to .500. He came in with great expectations that he helped create. Those expectations may be his undoing. So who will be the next coach at Notre Dame? Rumors link all kinds of names to the job. Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops, Jon Gruden, John Harbaugh, and Gary Patterson. Nick Saban has come up as well. The name I hear the most seems to be Brian Kelly the former Grand Valley State coach. He is a damn good coach, but I don’t know if he would take the job. One name that I will throw out there is Skp Holtz. He is of course Lou’s kid, and he seems like a good coach. At this point almost anyone is possible. I know one thing though. Charlie Weis is done at Notre Dame. He will be done losing to the Michigan State’s and Purdue’s of the world because he will be done coaching against them.

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