BTI Classic Preview

This weekend the Boilers host the BTI Classic in Mackey Arena. This three day invatational allows teams to test themselves against a variety of opponents. The four teams will play each of the other squads before the weekend is over. The teams that have been invited are the Dayton Flyers, the Georgetown Hoyas, Seattle University, and of course the Purdue Boilermakers. Purdue starts the weekend off against Seattle tomorrow night. I may have trouble making the start of this game since it is at 4:00 my time. That does not allow for much time to get down to West Lafayette. This will hopefully be the last game that the Boilers will have to play with only eight players on the roster. Samantha Harris will return Saturday for the game against Dayton after sitting out the first two games of the season. With three games in three days we will need all the fresh bodies that we can get. I do not know much about Seattle. From what I can gather they are the weakest team of the four. Dayton has already taken down Michigan State this season. We had better bring our A game on Saturday. Georgetown is another good team. The Purdue matchup with them on Sunday will be aired live on the Big Ten Network. I just hope that our ladies have enough left in the tank when Sunday comes around. This weekend will be very hard to predict since the teams play each other so quickly. Brittany Rayburn will once again be the key to this offense. She looked really good Sunday attacking the hoop. In the picture to the left she has all five of the Western Illinois defenders in the frame with her as she makes a shot. The continued growth of the freshmen will help determine this weekend for the Boilers. I will pick Purdue because I am a homer, but I am on the fence about Saturday and Sunday’s games.

Predictions: Last week I started the season 6-0. I would say how it is easy to be perfect this early in the year, but Gonzaga came very close to ruining that for me. This has been a turbulent start to the season so far. The #1 and #2 teams in the country survived very close upset bids already. Somehow I missed the big matchup between Notre Dame and Michigan State in last weeks picks. I have been trying to find interesting matchups to pick instead of sure winners. Here are my picks this week:

Women’s Basketball
#23 Purdue 78 – Seattle 60
#23 Purdue 72 – Dayton 68
#23 Purdue 68 – Georgetown 62
#7 Notre Dame 98 – Iona 64
Indiana 65 – Missouri 63
Kansas 75 – Michigan 64
#17 Virginia 82 – Indiana 68
Men’s Basketball
#7 Purdue 89 – South Dakota State 54
Notre Dame 90 – Kennesaw State 70
#2 Michigan State 102 – Valparaiso 64
#10 Butler 85 – #18 Minnesota 78
#16 Michigan 87 – Creighton 80

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