LewJack Most Likely Out for the Season

Reading an article in the IndyStar today it makes it appear that LewJack will be out most if not all of the season. According to the article it says that he would be back by February at the earliest. Coach Matt Painter will not be counting on a February return though. He is already talking about redshirting Jackson. The funny thing about the redshirt though is the fact that if Lewis had not been suspended for the preseason games he would not be eligible for the redshirt. His indiscretions may have saved him a college season. Lewis was fun to watch play, but it looks as if we will have to wait until next season for that to happen. For now we will really on Grant again as we did his freshman year to do the ball handling. Kelsey Barlow may also get a chance to step up. E’Twaun Moore is projected to become a point guard in the NBA so what better time for him to get some reps in? This will hurt our depth for sure, but this team can get through this. The season has barely started, and we already are fighting the injury bug. I hope that this is not a trend.

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