Sammy Sosa Bleaches His Skin?

Really? I think that this guy has seen it all during his career. Now when he is retired, and for the most part out of the limelight this comes out. A recent picture from Las Vegas that has been circulating shows Sammy looking completely different. The first time I saw the picture was on Comcast Sport Net. I was just walking by the television wondering who was on it. I heard Sammy’s name and looked closer. He looks nothing like himself. He kind of looked like Carlton from the Fresh Prince. According to Sosa’s spokesman he has been undergoing skin rejuvenation treatments, and they lightened his skin. Maybe Sammy was told that his skin color would keep him out of the Hall. It won’t be the skin Sammy. It was the way you kept cheating. Now go away again until you have something positive to bring back to the table.

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