Purdue Holds Off the Mastadons

Tonight on Friday the 13th all was well for the #7 Boilermakers in the first game of the season. They beat Cal State Northridde 89-63. It was a very easy win, and a chance to feel out the matchups. As you can see to the left Kramer was doing a good job feeling out the defense. Robbie Hummel scored 17 points to lead the Boilers. JaJuan Johnson added 15. Freshman D.J. Byrd chipped in 13 for the Boilers in the win. The biggest highlight of the night though had to be freshman Kelsey Barlow laying down a huge dunk in the second half. Barlow was getting big minutes because of the injury to LewJack. Jackson is out indefinitely with an ankle sprain. If he was questionable before the game he may have been ready by the end of it. With all the foul calls and other nonsense this game took forever to complete. Most of the time a close game takes forever while the blowout breezes by. This one though drug on. The fact that the Boilers had a 25-3 lead early on did not help matters. After that it was cruise control. So now the Boilers are 1-0, and you can’t ask for anything more than that. They play next in the Paradise Jam. The next home game will be against Central Michigan. I hope that Dan Lefevour does not play basketball.


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