Mark Buehrle Win the AL Gold Glove!

How many posts can you do on Mark Buehrle in one season? Well one more now that he has been named the American League Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner. Mark is the second Sox pitcher to win the Award. Jim Kaat was the other. He is also the first Sox player in 11 years to win the award. Robin Ventura was the last Sox player to win a Gold Glove. Of course you would think that Aaron Rowand should have been the last Sox player to win it, but we all know how he was hosed year after year for the award. Joe Crede for all his work with the glove was also never quite good enough apparently to win the award. If either player was with the Yankees instead of the Sox they would be multiple winners of the award. That is the breaks though. It was a surprise to read Mark’s name last night on the bottom line. I knew that he is great at picking guys off, but I had no idea that other people outside of Chicago knew or cared about it. He is a great fielder that helps himself out after the pitch. My hat is off to Mark for another award for his trophy case. Here is the complete list of the American League Gold Glove winners:

P Mark Beuhrle – Chicago White Sox
C Joe Mauer – Minnesota Twins
1B Mark Teixeira – New York Yankees
2B Placido Polanco – Detroit Tigers
SS Derek Jeter – New York Yankees
3B Evan Longoria – Tampa Bay Rays
OF Ichiro – Seattle Mariners
OF Adam Jones – Baltimore Orioles
OF Torii Hunter – Los Angeles Angels

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