That’s Coaching!

This is the phrase that I heard over and over at the start of the season. Every play seemed to be at some level the fault of Danny Hope. Coach Hope was only six games into his career, and people were trying to get him “fired through his headset.” Every move was scrutinized more than usual. He even had calls to his radio show calling for his head. What did Hope do? He got his team ready to come out and shock the country by beating #7 Ohio State. He then beat an Illinois team that has played really well of late. After a hiccup in Wisconsin he went into Ann Arbor and won for the first time since 1966. He is moving this program in the right direction. This team could have easily packed it in after being 1-5. A good coach gets that team ready to play each week. Danny Hope has done that. The fact that the season is still relevant shows what kind of a coach he is. Give him some time, and I think he will give us a winner. He has the kind of motor that you like to see in a coach. Maybe I am the eternal optimist, but I don’t know why in game four of the season you want to fire your first year coach. This season should prove why you don’t do that. Even if we do fall flat on our face the next two games this team has made the trip to West Lafayette meaningful this week. I was not so sure that I would be excited to come to the games a month ago. Thanks Coach Hope for keeping this team together.


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