Trade Getz White Sox Mark Teahen

Apparently today the White Sox acquired Mark Teahen from the Royals in exchange for Chris Getz and Josh Fields. Fields was on the out. We all knew that. He asked to get traded the day that he was sent down to the minors this past season. He is a good ballplayer, but we really did not have any room for him. Gordon Beckham took his job at third base, and we all know that he cannot play the outfield. The highlight of his Sox career would have to be his 2007 campaign when he filled in for an injured Joe Crede. He hit 23 home runs and knocked in 67 runs in just 100 games. Many people (me included) expected this from him this season. He never did produce, and was sent down to the minors until the rosters were expanded this season. Chris Getz was supposed to be the answer at second base this season. He played very well, but injuries may have hampered his campaign. He did steal 25 out of 27 bases this season. This year on opening day I commented on how Getz and Fields should have been batting one and two in the lineup. Getz looked great like he could get on anytime. Josh laid down a great bunt for a hit, and I had visions of his 2007 stats rolling through my mind. I guess you have to get rid of some talent to gain some talent.
Mark Teahen may have plagued the White Sox much like A.J. Pierzynski used to do. If you can’t beat the guy go out and pick him up I guess. Welcome to the fold Mark! From the talk I have seen today Mark will replace Jermaine in right field. The window for signing our World Series MVP seems to be closing everyday. Mark Kotsay was also inked to a new deal today which should make Ozzie very happy.

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