Ray Edwards Making an Impact in the NFL

At the end of his Purdue career I was not very high on Ray Edwards. He seemed to be part of a bad element in the Purdue locker room. After winning the Bucket in 2005 he didn’t even wait to leave the field to announce that he was not coming back to Purdue for his senior year. He did not have anything nice to say at all about the school that educated him for free for three years. Since he has left Purdue though he has had a decent NFL career. The one major blemish is his 2007 suspension for steroid use. I have never been big on the guy, but he is a starting defensive end for one of the elite NFL teams. He seems to be doing alright on the opposite side of the line from Jared Allen. Last week against the Packers he had three tackles including two sacks. Both of those sacks came early, and he spent the day harassing Aaron Rodgers. The picture to the right shows him bearing down on Rodgers for another hurry. Yet another Boiler making an impact at end in the NFL. Who will be the next player to step up?

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