Former Boiler Jonathan Uchendu Killed

Being away from the computer this weekend I completely missed the fact that former Boiler player Jonathan Uchendu was killed in a hit and run accident in Little Rock, Arkansas. Today when I was catching up on my reading I stumbled across a blurb on Hammer and Rails talking about his death. He apparently was walking down the road when he was hit and killed. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene. Not much else is known at this time about the accidnet. Uchendu played for the Boilers as a freshman in 2006-2007 before trying to transfer to Arkansas-Little Rock. Apparently something happened during that process, and he never played basketball again. Uchendu seemed like a good enough kid, but just didn’t fit our system at the time. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends for their loss. Uchendu was only 22.

4 thoughts on “Former Boiler Jonathan Uchendu Killed

  1. Jonathan actually did play basketball again. He transfered to Abilene Christian University, a Division II in Abilene, TX. After sitting out the first half of the season, he played in a few games this past spring (2009) before leaving for what were quoted as "personal reasons." He was slated to return this fall, but did not. According to his family and friends, he had signed with an NBA D-League team (Tulsa, I think) just before he died. There have been no mentions of his time at ACU, but his friends there are grieving the loss as well.

  2. His brutal death is a mystery that no one seems to get down to business on! I smell a cover up! I personally believe someone planned his death… How can someone at his height be mistaken for anything else? If I were a detective, my thoughts would be that someone killed him and dropped him off on the free way already dead or someome knocked him out of a car into the middle of the damn freeway for it to look like a hit and run and then "cover up"!!! I smell injustice! This country has the worst fucking justice system! Ironically, USA is said to be the home of the FREE, AND THE BRAVE! what a bull shit!

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