A Dream Come True

Yesterday I was in attendance in Lambeau Field when Brett Favre had a great game. Unfortunately Brett now plays for the Vikings. I have some experience seeing my heroes playing for other teams. In 2001 I went to Detroit to see Michael Jordan play for the Washington Wizards. It was good to see MJ play again, but odd seeing him in a Wizards jersey. Yesterday had a similar feeling. Five years ago if you had told me that Brett Favre would have been booed at Lambeau field I would have told you that you were crazy. That is exactly what happened though when he took the field. Every time. The fans were relentless. They let him have it every time that they could. I was sitting in the stands wearing my #4 Packer jersey with absolutely no intention of booing him. He has done too much for the Packers to forget about that now. As Percy Harvin is showing to the left Favre came back and threw for four touchdowns against his old team leading them to a 38-26 win. He threw at least four touchdowns in a game for the 21st time in his career tying Dan Marino for the most all time.

Favre wasn’t the only reason that the Packers lost the game. The primary reason has to be pass protection. The Packers offensive line was not blocking the Vikings at all it seemed like. Aaron Rodgers was running for his life out there. He also should shoulder some of the blame for hanging on to the football for too long. Sometimes you just need to get rid of the ball. The Vikings have sacked the Packers 14 times this season in the two games that they played. Twelve of those sacks were accomplished with no extra pass rush. Jared Allen and company had their way with the Green Bay offense. The picture to the right would show Aaron Rodgers passing the ball, but he is in between that Williams sandwich. This is what the fans saw for the entire first half. That is until the Packers realized that they could complete a quick pass and run with it afterwards. What a concept! The Packers went from being down 24-3 to getting to within five at 31-26. It was this rally that let me see exactly how great a game could be at Lambeau. The fans were great, and I could not help but get caught up in everything. As the week goes on I will have more on the game. Former Purdue end Ray Edwards had a great game, but I will get to that in another post. Even though the Packers lost I would say that my first trip to Lambeau was a great one.

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