House of Horrors

Yesterday I was in the stands at Camp Randall Stadium when a great prank was played. Some Purdue students took the field in the Purdue football jerseys. At least that is what it looked like. Purdue was dominated by the Badgers to the tune of 37-0. This was Wisconsin’s first Big Ten shutout in ten years. It was the first time they had shut out Purdue since the fifties, and the first time they shut out Purdue at home since the forties. This was the most lopsided game in the series since 1912 when the Badgers won 41-0. I heard a lot of history leaving the stadium yesterday. I tried to remember it all, but that is about the extent of it. It was a typical Wisconsin – Purdue game for me though. I don’t have much luck in this series. John Clay lead the beatdown for the Badgers with 132 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns. The Badgers also had a new tight end reverse play that they gouged us for 91 yards on. Purdue was held to 141 yards of total offense on the day. Wisconsin on the other hand had 150 yards in the first quarter. We only had 81 passing yards on the day. They really held us. When I made my pick for this game I never really thought of the Badgers. I was high on the Purdue Kool Aide. I never factored in Wisconsin. They had come off two close losses and a bye week. They could come out flat or mad. They chose mad and beat us down. They kept smacking Purdue in the mouth, and Purdue let them. This was a bad day for the Boilers. Keith Smith who came in as the Big Ten’s leading receiver was held to 1 catch for eight yards. He did drop two balls also. I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I would guess that we were close to the record for dropped balls today. I am guessing the cold got to this team. The first Smith drop set up what was could have been the turning point in the game. He appeared to make a good jumping catch near midfield, and it was ruled that he fumbled the ball. It was returned by the Badgers to the 24 yard line. After reviewing the play it was ruled and incomplete pass and fourth down. We punted the ball and downed it on the three. The went three and out giving us the ball and field position. Of course we did nothing with it, and went on to have a terrible day. Purdue was only down seven at the time. As it was they went down 10-0 before having a punt blocked on a great play and returned for a touchdown. The team really seemed to give up then. Caleb TerBush got some playing time today. He is shown in the above left picture getting sacked, and throwing a pass into the hands of a Wisconsin defender to the right. He really did not do much better than Elliot. I took the picture to the right because that was the only time that Purdue found the Red Zone all day. Actually they found it for us, and we could not capitalize. Purdue needs to step up their game before they roll into Ann Arbor next week. I was thinking about going up there, but this game left a bad taste in my mouth. I will just wait until the Michigan State game I think.
Hopefully the Packers fare better than this today. They would almost have to.

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