csd Flashback: 10/31/1998

Right about now I will be sitting in Camp Randall Stadium for the first time. As I was preparing for this trip I started thinking about the only other football game that I attended on Halloween. It was in 1998, and it was at Ross Ade Stadium between the Purdue Boilermakers and the Iowa Hawkeyes. Before the game my friend Tires and I decided to dress up like Drew Brees. He was still not very famous so we could not get a jersey. What we decided to do was to use a marker to put his famous birthmark on our faces. With our ‘costumes’ on we went to the game to cheer on the Boilers. Drew did not disappoint us. He threw for 362 yards and four touchdowns. Two of those scoring passes went to Tim Stratton. In the process of winning the game Brees also eclipsed the season touchdown record for the Boilers. The Boilers never really were worried in this one. They had a 19-0 lead at the half, and won easily 36-14. We were also able to see backup QB David Edgerton get some time in. After the game we started noticing fans wearing the fake birthmark for the next few years. Did we start this trend? I don’t know. We were certainly in at the beginning though. The win also clinched Iowa’s first losing season since 1992. That was a fact that I would not appreciate for five years.


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