Game Preview: Purdue v. Wisconsin: Jump Around!

I have always heard how intimidating that Camp Randall Stadium can be if you are a fan of the opposing team. What better day to visit the stadium for the first time than Halloween? I am fully aware that the fans may not like my presence, but I am there to have fun. Besides they might think my Boilers jersey is just a Halloween prank. This could be a great game to go to if the Boilers play up to their potential. If they play the kind of road game that they played at Oregon they will win Saturday. If they play the way they did in Minneapolis, they will have some ‘splainin‘ to do. Purdue is a good football team that has the tools to win. They just need to put the tools together to get those wins. They will have to stop the run first and foremost. As usual Wisconsin has a huge back that is leading the conference in rushing. They always seem to find these guys. Our linebackers will have their hands full tomorrow. On the other side of the ball they need to execute the passing game. If they had executed better last week they would have ran away with the game. This should be a good game, and I hope that I am not disappointed. I have picked the Boilers to win, but I am not too sure of my pick. Wisconsin is very good at causing turnovers, and as we know the Boilers tend to turn it over. This will be the key stat of the game.

I was at the last meeting between these two teams in 2006. I took a friend to the game, and he even made the comment that he could not have possibly gone to a worse game. Purdue lost the game 24-3. At that point it was the lowest point total by a Purdue team since 1993. The next week Penn State shut the Boilers out to make the three points seem like an outburst. P.J. Hill ran for 161 yards and two scores. One of those scores is shown up above to the left. Purdue had lost its 11th straight game against a ranked opponent. That streak would continue until a couple of weeks ago when Ohio State helped us end it.

Predictions: Last week somehow I lucked out, and went 8-0. That brings my season total to 20-6. Iowa really helped that out with the amazing comeback with no time on the clock. This week I have no Slicer game to pick since they were ousted in the first round of the sectionals. I will replace that game with my first trip to Lambeau Field. I know that I am not really picking with my mind on that one, but hey I’m not going to pick against the Packers. I will also throw in a pick of the hockey game that I will attend Saturday in Wisconsin. Here are this weeks picks:

#17 Ohio State 45 – New Mexico State 3
#4 Iowa 35 – Indiana 17
#12 Penn State 38 – Northwestern 16
Michigan 28 – Illinois 10
Michigan State 21 – Minnesota 17
#4 Grand Valley State 38 – Northern Michigan 21
Notre Dame 49 – Washington State 23
Purdue 34 – Wisconsin 28
Bonus Pick: Green Bay Packers 24 – Minnesota Vikings 21
Bonus Hockey Pick: Wisconsin 3 – New Hampshire 2 (Saturday Night)

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