Third Times A Charm

Today the Purdue Boilermakers beat Illinois 24-14 to get their third win of the season. They now stand at 3-5 on the season, but more importantly they have won two in row. This game featured a quarterback with the legs to make plays. When the team needed a big run they got it from their quarterback. I am not talking about Juice Williams. I am talking about Joey Elliot. He made some great runs today that moved the ball, and one scored a touchdown. He looks like he is finally settling in at quarterback. This game was not pretty, but the Boilers did what they needed to do to win the game. One important stat that they won was the turnover battle. That is easy to do when you don’t turn the ball over at all. They came close a couple of times when returning punts though, but in the end the stats say zero. The Boiler punt return team needs to learn to get away from the ball if it not going to be returned. This game of chicken that they play with it is stupid, and will end up resulting in a stupid turnover. This team is now 3-5 like I said with four games left in the season. They need to win three of those to become bowl eligible. The next three weeks will go a long way to determine that. Next week they will go on the road to Wisconsin to try and make it three wins in a row. They travel to Ann Arbor the following weekend, with Michigan State coming in to end the home season. We need two of those games along with a win in the Bucket game to salvage this season. For now though lets just bask in the glow of this two game winning streak. This game also ended the two game losing streak against teams from Illinois. It also kept the Purdue Cannon at home where it belongs. Next week I will travel to Wisconsin to watch this Boiler team. Hopefully they can make my first trip to Camp Randall a good one.

As I am writing this I was able to witness the miraculous comeback win by Iowa. They have been showing that they are not afraid to lose the close game. Who is going to beat this team this season.


4 thoughts on “Third Times A Charm

  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the "bucket game"? I'm not up on all my big-10 rivalry games so I don't recall that one. I think you'll like camp randall stadium. I've never been, but it's one of the ones that I want to go to sometime

  2. The Bucket game is the annual game between Purdue and Indiana. Think the Ohio State and Michigan game without the national attention. They play for the Old Oaken Bucket.

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