Game Preview: Purdue v. Ohio State

Can Purdue get up off the mat and finish the season strong? Will that even make a difference at this point? Tomorrow will mark the 100th college football game that I have attended. I actually was going to go to the Notre Dame – USC game, but I would have been stuck with my Purdue tickets. So I will instead visit Ross Ade Stadium to see the Boilers take on the #7 Ohio State Buckeyes. Two years ago when the Buckeyes came to town the stadium smelled terrible, but the Boilers played even worse yet. Both teams were 5-0, and the game was on ESPN at night. We did not play well, and my post at the time reflected how I felt. I do not have high expectations this week, but I would like to see the team play well. We have come out in all black the last two home games, and tanked. Will we see another uniform change? Maybe all gold for the “Gold Out?” That might be all the suspense we are treated to. Purdue can win this game. They need to play the way that we know that they can play, and hope that Ohio State gets the turnover bug that has caused the Boilers to lose the last five games. If the Boilers play perfect, and they force Pryor to throw the ball I think we have a chance. Those are some big ifs though. I think that most Boiler fans will be warm by the second half on the way home. I love pain though so I will sit through the whole game as usual. The BCS rankings come out on Sunday. The Boilers won’t be in the big release, but they could have a say in where Ohio State ends up. The meeting between these teams two years ago was my 100th Purdue sporting event. This one is my 100th college football game. Both of them I fear will end up much the same way. Maybe the Boilers will be a better team by my 200th game.

Predictions: Last week I was 2-2 to bring my record to 5-4 on the season. In an effort to get that up I will pick all the Big Ten games this week along with the Slicers and Irish contests. Who knew that Grand Valley would snap their 48 game regular season losing streak last week? That along with my lack of faith in the Slicers led to the .500 record. With nine games picked something has to give this week. Could this be the week of the CSD jinx again? Here are my week seven predictions:

Wisconsin 24 – Iowa 21
Penn State 31 – Minnesota 14
Michigan State 28 – Northwestern 17
Indiana 42 – Illinois 35
Michigan 49 – Delaware 3
Grand Valley State 49 – Findlay 28
Laporte Slicers 28 – Portage Indians 24
USC 35 – Notre Dame 21
Ohio State 35 – Purdue 20

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