San Diego Not Friendly to Valpo on Homecoming

Yesterday was not a good day for the Valpo football team whose record went to 1-4 on the season. San Diego came into Brown Field and handed them a 48-7 loss. The Toreros went for it on fourth down repeatedly with a huge lead in the fourth quarter in an attempt to run up the score even more. I don’t follow Valpo football very much, but I don’t know why one team would try and run it up like that. Bobby Wysocki was the lone bright spot for the Crusaders. He ran for over 100 yards from his quarterback spot. San Diego often looked as though they would take the ball right from the quarterback on the traditional running play. Running backs such as Eddie Morelli did not have a chance with the Toreros in the backfield all day. The one play that worked for Valpo was the quarterback keeper. This might have been the only play that Valpo had that the horrible offensive line play actually helped. The lone touchdown by Valpo yesterday was scored by Eddie Morelli. It was his first career score, and gave the homecoming crowd something to cheer about. After attending several Big Ten games this season, and seeing a record crowd at Grand Valley the crowd yesterday seemed laughable. I guess a small school like Valpo doesn’t really on football to gain revenue. If they do they are in trouble.
As for my other picks LaPorte did the unthinkable and beat the Wolves 21-7 Friday night. Purdue continued their losing streak and fell 35-20 to the Gophers. They seem to be very good at finding ways to lose. And perhaps the in the biggest upset of the day Grand Valley had its 48 game regular season winning streak snapped when they lost 24-21 at Hillsdale.

2 thoughts on “San Diego Not Friendly to Valpo on Homecoming

  1. I don't think that Purdue will have to worry about the BCS. This could be getting interesting though. This weekend could set some things straight.

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