Game Preview: Valparaiso Crusaders v. San Diego Toreros

This week both Purdue and Notre Dame are out of town, and I have something to do tonight so I have picked the Valpo football game as the game of the week. I always try and preview the game that I am going to, but I really know nothing about Valpo. The only game that I have been to was in 2001, and that was because it was one of the few games to be played the weekend after 9/11. That game was a rough one for the Crusaders. They lost 31-9 to Wisconsin Eau-Claire. They are 1-3 on the season, and San Diego is 2-2. This is the homecoming for Valpo so maybe they can use that as motivation. The stadium does not even have assigned seats so I don’t know how much the crowd affects games. I am 3-2 on the season, and looking to improve on that record. Here is the most uneducated pick that I will make all season:

San Diego 35 – Valpo 24

Here are some other games that I will pick to try and get that record up a bit:

LaPorte Slicers 17 – Michigan City 35
Purdue Boilermakers 24 – Minnesota 38
Grand Valley State 35 – Hillsdale 23

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