One Great Ballgame!

Here I sit at my computer upset that this great game between the Tigers and the Twins is over. Both teams fought back from being down to get this game to the 12th inning. A great play by Ryan Rayburn kept the Tigers in the ballgame, but in the end the Twins won to move on to the postseason. For the second year in a row the Twins needed to play an extra game to complete the season. Should they start putting incentives for game 163 in their contracts? This year they were on the right end of the score though, and will go to New York to face the Yankees tomorrow night. It would be hard to predict them faring very well after this game and all of the emotions that were involved. Although I do remember game one of the 2005 ALCS when the Angels had no sleep and had to travel to Chicago. They came out with more fire than the White Sox to take their only game of the series. You had better watch out New York. These Twins don’t want to let the Metrodome go this easy. They have at least one more game to go in the old dome. They also have a team to play a few more in it. Could they end the stadium with a championship? Anything can happen in the playoffs.

One thought on “One Great Ballgame!

  1. I would love to see the Twinkies take down the Evil Empire, but the Twins are going to get hammered at Yankee Stadium without big ballers. Mauer can hit one out and so can Cuddyer, but Morneau is going to be missed in this series.

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