Turnovers Allow ‘Cats to Claw Back Into Game

Yesterday at Ross-Ade stadium I was treated to a great game…until the first quarter ended. The Boilers looked good on both sides of the ball building a 21-3 lead. Northwestern only had three points because of a great goal line stand by our defense. The crowd was into it, and I had thoughts of last years Indiana blowout going through my head. Then I saw the person fall in section 101. For some reason I was looking around to see how many empty seats there were. Section 101 had a lot near the top. As I was looking I saw someone falling down the bleachers. I waited to see if they were okay, then the laughter started. I could not contain myself. By the time I got it back together we had the ball at the two yard line. Ten years ago Drew Brees hit Vinny Sutherland for 99 yards with their backs to the same end zone. I made a comment on how great that would be to repeat. The Boilers went for it on first down, but the Wildcats picked the ball off to start a terrible run for the Boilers. The team turned the ball over five times in about a quarter to give the ‘Cats easy points. Northwestern scored after the Elliot interception, and then got the ball back when Aaron Valentin fumbled the kickoff. They moved the ball into field goal range to make the score 21-13. On the next possession Jaycen Taylor fumbled the ball to give the ‘Cats the ball yet again. They got another field goal to make the score 21-16 at the half. Only a booth review saved yet another turnover before the end of the half. What happened to this team? They just completely fell apart. They never regained their swagger, and just limped through the rest of the game. After Northwestern scored with 2:09 left in the game to make it 27-21 the Boilers had one last shot. They got the ball down to the 7 to have first and goal, but could not put the ball in the end zone. I may have been more down leaving this game than any other game in this stadium. We had control of the game, and were on our way to a romp. We lost focus during a crucial part of the game, and it cost the team. Purdue now has lost four in a row. I keep hearing how those losses were only by 18 combined points, but how does that make it any better? That just emphasises how important it is to play all 60 minutes. Next up for the Boilers is a trip to the brand new TCF Bank Stadium in Minnesota to face the Gophers. Once again we must win this game to get the season back on track. Otherwise the ONE slogan will also stand for our win total. I will not be at the game, but I may have another football game to go to. More on that as the week progresses.

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