Game Preview: Purdue vs. Northwestern (Homecoming Edition)

This week is homecoming at Purdue. Last week we had the homecoming of Joe Tiller who used his platform leading ‘Shout’ to stir the crowd into a frenzy. This week the Boilers look for their second win of the season. Last week they committed more penalties in the loss to the Irish then they had the entire season. They obviously need this to end this week. They did well against the run last week except for two drives in the second quarter. Northwestern does not run the ball well, but we need to stop them when they do. The Wildcats specialize in the dink and dunk passes that can irritate a defense. Mike Kafka is a more than capable passer who has the ability to change the game. With Brandon King back everyone will be in their normal positions so hopefully our defense will start to play like we know that they can. We have a lot of talented players on the defensive side of the ball. They show flashes of brilliance, then they break your heart. On offense I would like to see a heavy dose of Ralph Bolden and Jaycen Tayler. That should keep us on track. Joey Elliot has done fairly well so far, but he has missed a lot of wide open receivers. Some of those passes might have helped us win the last three games. He seems to throw better on the run though so lets get him moving. Why am I writing this while I am on campus? This will be a short post this week so that I can enjoy the weekend. So without further ado here is the prediction:

Prediction: Purdue 35 – Northwestern 28

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