September 15, 2004

Five years ago today was a great day in CSD history. It was my brother’s 21st birthday. I took him to Wrigley to celebrate the occasion. You can find a little more about the game here. It came in #13 on my favorite game countdown from a couple of seasons ago. One of the things that made the game so special was the fact that my brother won an autographed Sammy Sosa baseball. This was when Sammy was still Sammy in Chicago. It was a huge deal. For one of us anyway. He was taken under the bleachers to the main stadium to pick up his ball. I was left in the bleachers pondering my decision to let him go through the gates first. I am the ball collector after all. Why didn’t I get a ball and a quick tour of the stadium? This ball would have been so much cooler had Sammy finished his career strong. At one point he was a shoe in for the Hall. Now we will have to wait and see what his fate will be. Either way it is a cool ball that brings back memories. This continued the trend of everyone but me getting a ball at a stadium. This one was even signed!

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