Why Has Everyone Given Up on the White Sox?

This season is far from over. Despite what everyone wants you to think we still have a chance. If ever there was a time to doubt this team it was last year when we were beaten down in Minnesota only to do the impossible and win the division. We are now six games back in the division with conveniently six games left against the Tigers. We also have three left against the Twins, Royals, Indians, and starting tomorrow the Mariners. It will be a long road to the playoffs, but this team can do it. Once in the playoffs this team could shine. They seem to play well against the better teams in the league. Maybe I have gotten too much sun lately, but I still think that we can do it. Then again maybe this optimism has something to do with the fact that I still have tickets to two more games this season. Who wants to go to games when your team is out of it? As long as we stay close until the Tigers roll around we can do this. If we didn’t think that we could win it all why would we have traded for Jake Peavy and Alex Rios? Kenny believes in the team. Ozzie does too. Why shouldn’t you? So go out to the games starting this Friday and support this team. When they are playing well into October you will be glad that you did.


One thought on “Why Has Everyone Given Up on the White Sox?

  1. I just think that the Tigers are playing too well. Also I think six games is too much to overcome. If it was 2-3 maybe, but 6 is a lot.

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