Game Preview: Purdue v. Toledo

I love to put my predictions on here if nothing else then for me to laugh at after the game is over. I will start again this year without really knowing what is going on more than usual. The Boilers are an unknown at this point. They have a lot of questions on offense that will decide what will come of them this season. Will Joey Elliot be the answer at quarterback while we wait for Robert Marve? With the offense that we have he will be the key. We have what appears to be several good running backs so that doesn’t appear to be too much of a concern. The receiving corps though could be. There are not too many guys there who have any experience at college receiver. We will need some guys to come from nowhere to make this season bearable. I have talked a little about the offense, but I feel the strength of this team is the defense. Of course the last time I felt this way was in 2005. We all know what happened that season. So without knowing too much about this team yet I will make the usual prediction that is way off base.

Prediction: Purdue 35 – Toledo 21

Not too much to write home about for most of the game. The Boilers will make the fans squirm a little before taking the win. To dig a deeper hole here is how I think the team will do this season.

Season Prediction: 6-6

I think that we can do enough to make a bowl, but that is looking at the schedule in a very optimistic light. I still think the Sox can make the playoffs after all. The play of the unknowns will determine how excited I will be to travel to West Lafayette every week.
As an added bonus I will include a pick of our local football squad. The LaPorte Slicers will face a very tough challenge this week. I think that the home fans will go home happy.

LP Football Pick: Slicers 31 – Valpo 28

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