More Pictures From the First Cardinals – Nats Game

While getting the pictures from the weekend off of my camera I realized that I had a few decent pictures that I could post on here. Here are the pictures from Friday.

Tom Henke signing a ball for me pregame. He was even nice enough to inscribe Happy Birthday on it.
Molina, Smoltz, and Duncan come from the bullpen pregame. This is always one of my favorite parts of the game. It always reminds me off the old cowboys walking to meet the bad guys at high noon.

Did Ryan Ludwick swing this early, or is the ball levitating? I love this picture.

Molina swinging hard

Hey, its Willie Harris! Remember the guy who scored the World Series winning run? Here he is getting out of the box.

John Smoltz sending a ball to the warning track in center. The place would have gone down had the ball gone out.

Pujols about to make contact. I took many pics of this man. He may be the best ever.

Pujols watching it fly

Pujols with a big follow through on another at bat. Matt Holliday looking on thanking the heavens that he gets to bat behind this man.

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